About Me

My name is Amber Caul and I live in Porter Ranch, California. I'm a married mother of two and my family is my world. When my children were first born I found myself wanting to capture every day of their lives with photography, little ones change so much so fast! I have very few photos of me growing up, and I've always felt like I was missing a piece of my life. Afterall how much do you really remember as a young child? Photographs help aid your memory.

I recently came across a lot of old photos that belonged to my late Grandmother. Looking through them transformed me to another lifetime she had lived before I ever came into existence. I treasure these pictures and I'm sure my children and grandchildren will treasure them as I do someday. I want to capture images for you that will be cherished for generations to come for your friends and family. Photos are the most valuable personal property one can own in my opinion! If you had to evacuate your house in a hurry you'd grab your family, pets, and in most instances your FAMILY PHOTOS, things you can't replace!

Thank you for visiting my site, thank you for viewing my work!

Amber : )